Conference of Russian machine-building leaders held at Technoforum 2014

22 / 10 / 2014

The Technoforum 2014 International Specialized Exhibition hosted the Conference on Advanced Technologies and Developments of High-Tech Science-Driven Equipment of Machine-tool Industry Enterprises, complying with the Federal Target Program on Development of the Military-Industrial Complex of the Russian Federation for 2011-2020. The event was organized by the Stankoinstrument Association and Stankoprom OAO assisted by Expocentre ZAO.

Conference participants included President of the Stankoinstrument Russian Association Georgiy Samodurov, First Deputy General Director of Stankoprom OAO Evgeniy Polkanov, heads of engineering companies and industry research institutes.

In his welcoming speech Georgiy Samoduriv gave an overall picture of the present state of the tool-making industry in Russia and around the world.
“Production volume declined by 8.6% in 2013. Over the last three or four years China has been the world’s top producer of metalworking equipment. Germany and Japan rank second and third respectively. Today these three countries produce two-thirds of the world’s metal working equipment. The centre of production has moved from Europe to South-East Asia. The top consumer of equipment is China, followed by the USA, Germany and Japan. The level of production and use of metalworking equipment is an important prerequisite for tomorrow’s technological breakthrough.

Production in Russia dropped after the crisis of 2008. The good news is that the share of sophisticated equipment, e.g. CNC production centres and state-of-the-art machining centres, has increased. Unfortunately, today our enterprises have to face a lot of challenges. If we compare similar enterprises working in France, we will see that unit cost in Russia is twice as large. The reasons are high rates on credits, transportation expenses, electricity rates, and so on. It is the topic of special concern. Hopefully, the law on industrial policy, which is being reviewed now, will help to change the situation,” said Georgiy Samodurov.

Evgeniy Polkanov thanked the Technoforum organizers for the second time they brought together industry professionals to discuss all relevant problems. He pointed out that the future of the industry lay in modernization of enterprises, which would allow manufacturing competitive machinery and equipment.

The audience showed a great interest in reports about industry news and technical capabilities of specific enterprises.

Press Office of Expocentre ZAO