Vladimir Kononov, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Science and Higher Education, Chairman of the Central Council of the All-Russian Society of Inventors and Rationalizers:

- This year is the fifth anniversary of the NTI Expo (Research, Technology, Innovations Expo) project. This project includes five major congress and exhibition events: Russian Week of High Technologies, Russian Software Forum: Effective Solutions, RENWEX. Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles, Russian Industry Week and Russian Health Care Week.

Today is the second day of Russian Industry Week. We are at the stand of the All-Russian Society of Inventors and Rationalizers. Here are a lot of expositions and a very substantive conference programme. We are discussing questions of our country's scientific and technological development in conditions of tough sanctions of the collaborative West. Our country has to rely on its own forces. That is why scientists, engineers, inventors, all those involved in industry and science are the basis for the state to develop further.

Maria Vasilkova, Member of the State Duma Committee on Industry and Trade:

- We are at Russian Industry Week at Expocentre Fairgrounds. This is an extremely important event, especially in our current reality. Russian manufacturers and developers are represented here. We can see for ourselves that we have our own manufacturers in most industries. This is very encouraging. Of course, both development and support are needed.

We need to develop cooperation links that have been broken because they were built in recent years with the participation of countries unfriendly to us. But now we have a great opportunity to find Russian producers and Russian consumers to form new cooperation chains. Therefore, this exhibition is the ideal platform to meet, discuss and show the goods face to face.

Nikita Kuznetsov, Project Director of the Industrial Technology Cluster at the Skolkovo Foundation:

- Professionals come to Russian Industry Week. They know what they are looking for, they see new products and are often ready to buy almost immediately. In general, I really like the organisation of the exhibitions at Expocentre Fairgrounds. It is always about high professionalism, prompt resolution of complex issues, which naturally always arise at major exhibitions, especially when you exhibit not just one company, but, for example, twelve as we do now. And at Metalloobrabotka there were 27 companies and there were two big stands. Expocentre's team solves everything without delays and we can always find a common language. That's great. Many other exhibitions lack that.

Anna Andreychik, Marketer at United Machine Tool Building Company (OSCA):

- Technoforum is a great platform for us. We saw a lot of familiar faces today and met old acquaintances as well. A professional audience that deals with metalworking and welding has gathered here. Many thanks to the organisers. You bring us closer together and give us a chance to show ourselves.

Sergey Popov, General Director of STANKO Group:

- The impression of the exhibition is purely positive. We were expecting a lot of customers from all regions and we got it. This exhibition is important because here you can see with your own eyes the latest equipment, see it in action from all sides, get expert advice, discuss your production tasks and projects. Here you can meet visitors from all over the country - from Moscow, St. Petersburg, the South, the Urals, the Far East. Everyone comes here, exchanging opinions, plans and ideas, which is very important for the development of our industry.

Daria Bulycheva, Marketer at Aimol Lubricants:

- Our company deals with lubricants. There is a daily rotation of managers at our stand and each of them left very satisfied. Everyone has found customers in their line of business. After all, we have a distribution sales network. We have representatives from every region of Russia at our stand. And we found customers from every region.

For us, as producers of lubricants, this is a very important exhibition, because not only the visitors, but the exhibitors themselves are also our customers.

Nikolay Alyoshin, President of the National Agency of Welding Control, the RAS Academician:

- The Rusweld exhibition has increased by 40%. Because the interest that was there at the last exhibition has increased much more significantly now. Today there are equipment units that really meet the best world standards. Our today's equipment is not inferior to foreign analogues in its characteristics. And welding is the technological process where import substitution is represented at its best.

Ivan Ilyukhin, Leading Specialist at Cebora-Russia:

- The Rusweld exhibition is great as always. We thought there would be fewer people this year. But it turned out to be the opposite. There are many times more clients. The number of visitors has increased. I like the fact that the show is growing. Our brand is growing too.

Artyom Shirinkin, Deputy Director General of Technored:

- This is not the first time we have been to this exhibition. Compared to last year, we were surprised to notice that the welding show has turned into a welding robot show. Such events are definitely needed. There are innovations. Things are changing very fast now. For example, in the last year since the previous exhibition, we developed two new solutions that we are ready to show to production companies, business owners, to share competencies and experience that we have already gained.

Albert Plekhanov, Eurolux:

- Exhibitions like these are necessary. There is an exchange of experience between companies. New solutions emerge. There is integration of equipment related to new technological processes, new tools that appear in the market. In the context of shortages and sanctions, this is very relevant today.

Evgeniya Yamshchikova, Director of the CRP-Siberia branch:

- Today the largest Rusweld exhibition has opened its doors, dedicated to the welding industry and the development of technologies in this field. The main players on the welding equipment market as well as equipment for automation and robotisation of production are represented in the Forum pavilion. We are the exclusive representatives of CRP Automation brand in Russia. In the implementation of complex projects, especially in robotics, personal contact is very important, because on the other end of the line people may not be able to express their task accurately and TOR may not be complete. This is why meetings at trade shows allow the two sides of a project to find a common understanding of what one wants, what the other can give and, overall, to implement an effective project.

Gennady Popov, Marketing Director of TSS Group:

- Rusweld shows new technologies, new welding equipment, materials - all the most interesting things. Such events are necessary and very important for the welding industry in Russia. It is necessary to establish contacts between representatives of manufacturing plants and our factories that use welding equipment. Only at exhibitions it is now possible to learn about new technologies. It is a very convenient platform. And here not only the exhibition, but also its conference programme plays an important role.

Andrey Grinev, Ambassador of the SEKIRUS brand:

- The exhibition is a very useful event. We exchange experiences with our partners and counterparts, study the market, look at requests, and constantly solve new tasks that our customers put before us here. We solve some of them directly at the stand. People looking for ways to implement their projects come to us. And we are interested in showing our potential in these projects.