Vladimir Kononov,
Deputy of the Russian State Duma, NTI Expo Organising Committee Chairman

Technoforum grew after its inclusion in the NTI Expo (Research-Technology-Innovations Expo). It covers new technologies, artificial intelligence, cyber security, software development systems, etc.

The exhibition is accompanied by supporting events which address industries transformation into the digital economy.

Expocentre, Russias leading exhibition company, marked its 60th anniversary this year. I wish Expocentre to continue its development for years to come and host all innovative trade shows on its premises in the centre of Moscow.

Alisa Konyukovskaya,
Executive Director of the Russian Association of Robotics (RAR)

We had cooperated with Expocentre before we organised a robotics seminar at the Metalloobrabotka exhibition. It was a very successful experience. We have also held a seminar at the Agroprodmash exhibition, and are broadening this practice. Technoforum is the third Expocentres exhibition where we will speak about robots.

There is a keen interest in robotics. We explain at our seminars how to robotise enterprises and overcome the first-robot barrier. Events of the kind enrich the exhibition. It is impossible to share as much information as we do at seminars with every visitor to our stand. Besides, the possibility of personal contact exists at seminars.

Over a long period of Expocentres history, its events have been successful and drawn numerous visitors. This is the place to create new and interesting formats, for instance, those related to robotics. It is important to have audience. It is wonderful that Expocentre has it.

Yury Korenyuk,
CML Rus Deputy General Director

This is our first time at Technoforum, and judging by the two days we have spent here, it will not be the last. We will apply for participation in next years Technoforum right now.

Thanks to the exhibition organisers, our stand is visited by CEOs of big companies. It is impossible to meet them in ordinary life, and here they show interest in our equipment.

Our company has never taken part in Technoforum before, but this is not my first visit, and I feel the exhibition is transforming into the autumn version of Metalloobrabotka, a major European event held by Expocentre. Everyone wants to participate in such a trade show, as they realise it will bring a positive effect.

I am glad that the organisers, Expocentre employees, have far better imagination than me. It seems there is no room left for improvement, but they still find a way. I think the next edition will pleasantly surprise me with what else Expocentre has done to improve the terms of our participation and work, so that we, exhibitors, could perform even better. I am grateful to Expocentre.

Alexander Zhuravlyov,
Development Director of Ryazan Machine Tool Association

We take part in Technoforum every year. This is one of the most important industry exhibitions from our point of view. We demonstrate our machine tools and meet our friends and clients. Participation in Technoforum has become a good tradition.

This year, we have made a premiere of our innovative machine tool, which we see as a next step in the development of any kind of multi-purpose machine tools. The exhibition revealed a keen interest of visitors from educational institutions and industrial enterprises in this machine tool. An agreement to supply ten machine tools of the sort has been reached at the exhibition, and we believe this is a good result. A contract will be signed at the end of the trade show. So, for us, Technoforum is a good way to promote our new products.

The exhibition allows us to network with clients face-to-face. Machine tools are an area, in which a manufacturing plant interacts with clients from all over Russia and former Soviet states, and it is unrealistic to visit all of them and show them our products. Technoforum gives an opportunity of both personal communication and demonstration of our hardware. We have brought here our best new products, show them to our clients, meet old friends comparing our plans for the next year, and establish partnerships. For us, the exhibition is a necessary instrument to build our sales model.

We cannot imagine our work without assistance of such organisations as Expocentre. Allow me to use the occasion and congratulate Expocentre on the 60th anniversary. Expocentre holds the Metalloobrabotka and Technoforum on a very high level, so our annual participation will continue.

Mikhail Kuzmin,
Sonatec Project Manager

This is our third or fourth time at Technoforum. Why do we keep coming back? Because every time we have specific results: personal contacts, close attention, and accomplishment of real tasks. We find all that here.

We always try to arrange our stand in an interesting way. We understand that this is effective, especially at such events as Technoforum. We do not participate in the supporting programme so far because we are too busy meeting our clients. Still, we expect to contribute to intellectual dimension of Technoforum.

Our product evokes interest. There is a great variety of tasks. We offer a broad range of solutions, but the range of assignments is even broader. We have quality visitors. Many of them are movers-and-shakers, general and technical directors, chief technical officers, chief technologies, and metrologists.

Technoforum is the place where clients and even students can see equipment in operation because every piece of equipment displayed at our stand is working.

There is no doubt that we will take part in next years Technoforum. This is our annual event. We are satisfied with the location of our stand, and we will try to make it more informative and remarkable. We will think about installing various interactive objects at our stand.

Sergey Popov,
Stanko Group General Director

This is our fifth or sixth Technoforum. We have taken part in other exhibitions as well, but their location is inconvenient and they have few visitors. Expocentre offers the best transport accessibility, and many Muscovites and visitors come to see our equipment.

Last year, our stand was obviously not big enough to demonstrate all our equipment. We rent a bigger stand this year to present everything we have. We are grateful to the exhibitions management for meeting us halfway and providing us with additional space.

At the exhibition we try to showcase our equipment in effect: how it will be working at a manufacturing plant, what tasks it will accomplish, and what its products will be like. We try to show people how a machine tool works instead of distributing catalogues. This is important.

We were visited by representatives of metalworking plants defense enterprises, car part plants, and manufacturers of agricultural machines and medical equipment at this exhibition. This is a wide range of industries.

There is no doubt that Expocentre is the best fairgrounds in our country. Local exhibitions are better than the foreign ones because of the very convenient layout of pavilions, cargo handling, and installation. Catering and exhibit transportation deserve a special mention. In short, Expocentre management meets the best global standards. We like it very much. There is no doubt we will participate in next edition. Hopefully, we will demonstrate even more machine tools. We will bring our best available equipment including the one with robotic loader.

Maxim Shatybelko,
OTS Technology Deputy General Director

We have been participating in the Technoforum exhibition for five years. We are focused on technological gear and represent a number of foreign companies such as WTO, Rego FIX, ALFASYS, and VG-1.

The exhibition helps broaden our presence and boost recognition of our brand.

Sergey Zhidov,
Pnevmatika General Designer (Crimea)

We like the exhibition very much. We want to tell about ourselves so that whenever people speak about Crimea, Simferopol, they know that such a manufacturer as we exists and can be useful for the country. Our stand is visited by representatives of almost every region of Russia; we constantly make acquaintances and have meetings. The Internet cannot substitute personal communication and face-to-face meetings. We will try to prepare better for the next years event and bring our products instead of just catalogues.

Boris Kim,
Vostokmash Deputy General Director

We participate in Technoforum because it brings together many suppliers. We prioritise recognition of our brand and an opportunity to demonstrate our equipment in comparison with that of our competitors. Our stand helps clients familiarise with every distinctive feature and choose the best option. So, our machine tools are always working. We can show every detail of the machine tool equipment to technically apt people. We can also tell managers about cost-benefit advantages, operational costs, and warranty service.

We are accustomed to Expocentre; we have been an exhibitor for a long time. We always choose Pavilion No. 1. We are expanding our stand year after year as the scale of our production is broadening and the size of our machine tools is growing, as well. Large-size machine tools are bestsellers. I am sure we will take part in next years Technoforum.

Oleg Telkov,
Belorusskie Stanki Torgovy Dom Deputy Director

We have been exhibitors since 2014, first at Metalloobrabotka and then at Technoforum. Each time we are approached by new clients; we also stay in contact with old partners. Participation in such exhibitions is a form of promotion of the companys image. Enterprises of the defense and atomic energy sectors, everyone using metal-cutting tools, are the most welcome.

Belarusian plants have been in the market for a very long time; they are about 100 years old and stand for reliability, quality, image, and diversity of machine tools. It is comfortable to network with clients here. We have been a participant in the Metalloobrabotka exhibition for five years. This is a great exhibition which gives a boost to our development and brings in new clients. We will certainly participate in Technoforum, too. We plan to bring new Belarusian machine tool products here.