Stan Group Extends its Might

21 / 10 / 2014

At the press conference within the Technoforum exhibition Russian group of machine tool plants ‘Stan’, which includes Sterlitamak Machine Tool Enterprise and Kolomna Heavy Machine Tool Building Plant, declared joining two more Russian enterprises: Ryazan Machine Tool Plant and Ivanovo Heavy Machine Tool Building Plant. All member companies found this union beneficial not only for themselves but for the Russian machine tool industry as a whole.

The growing alliance contributes to optimization of business processes at the enterprises and to reduction of production costs. Firstly, this alliance allows integrating sales and distribution and developing a new sales system. Secondly and, probably, even more crucial, consolidation of production. In-house cooperation improves among Russian machine tool builders enabling them to develop strengths and advantages of each enterprise. For example, one of the member enterprises has a powerful foundry production, whose capacity is excess for one enterprise. Now it can provide all plants with cast products, so it is reasonable to develop this particular enterprise. Another important thing is common purchasing. For instance, if earlier each plant purchased CNC systems just for itself, then now CNC can be purchased for the entire Group. And according to trade laws, a large volume of purchases always implies large discounts. Marketing consolidation also opens up new opportunities for enterprises. Therefore there is no need for each enterprise to make great efforts to study the market; the research will be carried out by the Group marketing experts. The enterprises and the Russian economy obtained many advantages from the amalgamation; and the list is far from being complete.

A connecting link between this consolidation on the machine building market and the Technoforum trade show was the Stankoinstrument Association. It not only joins together the Russian manufacturers of machines tools, but also takes an active part in the organization of the Metalloobrabotka and Technoforum trade fairs.