Feedback from Technoforum 2021 exhibitors and visitors

30 / 11 / 2021

Valentina Tsai, StankoMashComplex:

Lots of people have come to the exhibition. I am feeling great, and I am totally delighted with the exhibition.

Alexander Kovalenko, Soptech:

We took part in the Metalloobrabotka exhibition at first, and now we are taking part in Technoforum. There are lots of target clients. We like everything very much. There is demand for our equipment, and we are visited by the target audience. We receive huge response from clients after the exhibition, which allows us to expand our client base. We walk around to see who is offering what. It is always interesting to see foreign analogues of our machine tools, to borrow some ideas and to find new partners and new technologies.

Ruslan Seryogin, ProTekhnologii:

Our company supplies metalworking equipment. The goal is to sign long-term contracts with a large value. The first day was highly productive. The atmosphere is good, and people are amicable. Hopefully, it will continue like that. I cannot compare this exhibition to anything else. This is something remarkable, unusual, like we have never seen before. I am expecting to gain new strength, new motivation from this exhibition.

Anna Knyazeva, NPK Delta Test:

The exhibition is substantive. Interested clients visited us on the second day, and we had interesting meetings. We are satisfied. Hopefully, we will make money and get loyal customers. The exhibition is a perfect chance to present ourselves and our products, to attract as many clients as possible, and to win a lions share of the market.

Andrey Vorobyov, Mitsubishi Electric LLC (Rus):

We have seen a keen interest and a tangible market recovery from lockdown this year. We present full information so that companies, which demonstrate a substantial growth this year, could count on us. Lots of our loyal partners are here. We prepared for the exhibition. We not just built a beautiful stand but we also informed our clients. We will use the exhibition as a venue for business communication.

Anna Andreychik, OSK-GROUP:

Every exhibition is a demonstration of our brand, our company. We come to this exhibition every year. There are many clients this time. This is ten on a ten-point scale. Everyone - our rivals, partners and friends - is here, at the exhibition. We have come up to and spoken with everyone.

Mikhail Kusmin, SONATECH:

Technoforum is our traditional exhibition. We come here as an exhibitor every year and we invest a lot of effort because this is our source of new clients and a way to maintain relations with current buyers. We meet with them and show our new products. I can say that Technoforum is different this year. It is denser, higher, and more diverse.

Fidel Dietrich, 3D-Meduza:

We are a young company, and this is our first time at the Technoforum exhibition. Clients demonstrate a keen interest in our technology. We wanted to show that we exist and what we do. On the whole, the objective has been achieved. We liked the exhibition very much, as well as the presence of numerous manufacturers of equipment. We may not need this equipment just yet, but it is good to know it exists.