Technoforum 2019 launched Russias first competition of industrial projects

22 / 10 / 2019

The Technoforum 2019 international exhibition featured Russia's first competition of industrial projects for technologists of companies working in manufacturing industries TECHNOforumLeader organised by Expocentre AO with assistance from Prioritet OOO.

The aim of the competition was to highlight the most complex and challenging projects and best technologies and to unite and strengthen the community of manufacturers and users of processing equipment and technologies. As a result TECHNOforumLeader brought together all groups of manufacturers and customers of both major industrial and private sectors and identified the winners in three areas.

Technoleader INNO (Innovation) presented industrial projects in the field of creation, modernisation and digitalisation of manufacturing, which have achieved some increase in productivity and efficiency of their companies through the use of new principles of organisation, technologies, equipment and materials.

Technoleader PRO (Production) is an assessment of achievements of Russian and foreign exhibitors in the field of solutions and technologies for materials processing. Representatives of manufacturing facilities of corporate and private sectors made an independent assessment based on operating experience according to the following criteria: innovativeness, performance, digitalisation, automation, robotisation, multifunctionality, and localisation level.

Technoleader HACK (Hackaton) identified the best implemented commercial and individual works, successful examples of how to achieve the required performance, processing qualities, and efficiency improvement using technology and equipment presented by the exhibitors.

The winners were awarded based on the results of the competition.

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Press Service, Expocentre AO